Alexander Wolfe


#1 Retargeting Platform




Head of UX

Product Design


Frontend Development

Art Direction

Graphic Design




AdRoll was the #1 Retargeting Platform in the world. Its mission was to democratize digital advertising so business of all sizes could effectively target customers with easy to use retargeting campaigns.

After working with AdRoll as an independent contractor I was hired full time as the Head of User Experience. I lead UX & Design and the entire Frontend Development team. During my time at AdRoll we rebranded the company and I lead the effort to redesign and rebuild their Ad Retargeting Platform.


At the heart of AdRoll's retargeting product was the ability to quickly and easily create very powerful Ad Campaigns across the Web or Facebook. The campaign creator was easily one of the most important aspects of the service since it is the place where the majority of businesses traditionally fall off.

Instead of creating one long and confusing form, I decided to break up the campaign into small bite size pieces that were easy to complete and didn't feel overwhelming. Each part of the process was designed to be "fool proof" in order to maximize successful campaign launches.

By separating the campaign process into different steps, we were able to provide a great experience that included relevant information on each and every screen. Users felt a sense of accomplishment as they quickly completed one step of the process after another. We even included the ability to hire a designer to create ads if a user didn't have that capability.

Since users were committed to the process it was much easier for them to enter their credit card information and launch their campaign on the final step. Overall our campaign creator was a huge success and was a critical piece in AdRoll gaining massive traction in the Ad space.

Graphics were included in the start screen to make it incredibly simple to understand exactly what type of Ad campaign to select.


In order to be best in class we needed a world class dashboard our customers could use to manage all of their Ad Campaigns as well as track performance. The AdRoll Dashboard allowed customers to fully manage every aspect of their retargeting campaigns.


AdRoll needed a brand that matched it’s company values. The company was a great and inviting place to work filled with energy and excitement.

I chose to use generous amounts of negative space to give the brand an inviting but very professional and quality feel. The blue from our logo was used as an accent to add energy and excitement to our pages, it also made a great color for our buttons and other calls to action.

Our navigation was simple and inviting making it tremendously easy for our customers to explore our products and learn about our company.

Throughout the site, friendly and easy to understand illustrations to visually reinforce the messaging on each page. This made it quick and easy for customers to grasps concepts and stay engaged while browsing.