Alexander Wolfe


Design, Development, Leadership

I love creating amazing products, brands, and teams.

Even after more than two decades in the tech industry, I remain dedicated to my work.

I believe that passion for what you do is the key to success, and I am dedicated to bringing my full commitment to every project I take on.


Design & UX

With decades of experience in designing products, websites, and brands, I am highly proficient with the most popular design tools.

My passion for simplifying complex products and making them easy and enjoyable to use for everyone is what drives my work.

I have designed products across a diverse range of industries for both businesses and consumers. My experience has given me a deep understanding of user behaviors, design patterns, and best practices, allowing me to create effective and captivating designs.


As an experienced developer, I have a proven track record of leading multiple frontend teams to successfully ship production-ready products.

My technical expertise includes a deep understanding of various web technologies such as Javascript, React, CSS, Sass, Styled Components, Semantic and SEO-friendly HTML.

My strong technical background allows me to effectively collaborate with or lead development teams to create exceptional products.

Leadership & Teamwork

When hiring, two essential qualities that I look for are a positive attitude and talent. These traits are innate and cannot be taught within my team, so it's crucial that potential candidates possess them. While other skills and abilities can be learned, improved, or mastered, the right attitude and talent are invaluable assets for achieving success.

Effective management requires the skills of a good mentor or coach. As a manager, it's crucial to provide support and development opportunities for the team to produce their best work. Protecting the team from interruptions and distractions, be it random requests or office politics, is also a top priority. My goal as a manager is to create a positive work environment that my team deeply loves and to be available when needed.

Let’s Work Together!

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