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Mailgun is a popular email API service designed for developers who want to programmatically handle email communications. It provides a robust set of features for sending, receiving, and tracking emails, making it a go-to solution for businesses of all sizes.

Initially, Mailgun had a solid API but lacked a polished brand and a user-friendly dashboard. To remain competitive in the industry, it was necessary to reimagine the platform's presentation and functionality. The new interface was more modern and approachable, making it easy for users to access and utilize the platform fully. Overall, the redesign proved to be a significant success, and Mailgun continues to thrive as an industry leader in Transactional Email APIs.



The objective for Mailgun's new dashboard was to create a powerful yet user-friendly platform that could be efficiently utilized by customers. To achieve this, we focused on creating an interface that was both modern and approachable. The design is light and friendly, offering a positive user experience.

The navigation was strategically crafted to provide users with a clear understanding of the platform and its capabilities while keeping it simple to use. Overall, the Mailgun dashboard was designed to provide users with a powerful and simple email service that set the standard in the industry.

Mailgun's new dashboard was powerful yet user-friendly and could be efficiently utilized by customers.


Rebranding Mailgun was a significant challenge. I faced several obstacles, including the difficulty of naming and branding an email API. To overcome these challenges, I implemented a strategy that emphasized positive imagery and playful design elements.

I used creative illustrations that helped to shift the narrative around the word “gun” from something intimidating to something more light-hearted and fun. The design included elements like envelopes, stamps, and other embellishments to represent the “mail” component of the brand. These illustrations also helped users to better understand the features within the service.

I also chose a light and airy color palette to create a more inviting and professional feel.


The original design was text heavy, dark, and crowded. It uses stock icons to represent its features and products.


The new mailgun was light and inspiring with custom drawn illustrations to reinforce the messaging.

The Mailgun homepage reimagined the brand to be inviting, friendly, and engaging.

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After the redesign of Mailgun’s dashboard, the service gained widespread popularity and attracted many new users. The new branding allowed Mailgun to compete with much larger companies in the email space, and it quickly became a major player in the industry. Six months after the redesign, Mailgun was acquired by Rackspace, a leading provider of cloud services.

Today, Mailgun continues to be one of the best solutions for Transactional Email APIs, delivering reliable and efficient email services to businesses of all sizes.