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AdRoll is the #1 Retargeting Platform in the world. Its mission was to democratize digital advertising so business of all sizes could effectively target customers and increase ROI.

Initially, I began working with AdRoll as an independent contractor. However, my expertise and contributions led me to be offered a full-time role as the Head of UX/Design and Frontend Engineering. One of my most significant responsibilities was to spearhead the redesign and reconstruction of AdRoll’s Retargeting Platform and Brand.


The goal with this Dashboard was to create a very approachable experience that any user (beginner or advanced) could operate and easily accomplish their advertising goals. AdRoll is one of the first platforms to democratize the Ad Tech space by making it accessible to users that had little or no experience running Ad Campaigns.

The AdRoll Dashboard allowed customers to fully manage every aspect of their retargeting campaigns regardless of skill level. With the launch of our campaign wizard and retargeting dashboard, AdRoll quickly became the #1 retargeting platform in the world.


At the heart of AdRoll’s retargeting product was the ability to quickly and easily create very powerful Ad Campaigns across the Web or Facebook.

We’ve designed every step of the process to be both intuitive and user-friendly.. Our campaign creator is built with a “fool proof” design, allowing even those with limited experience to effortlessly complete it with success. Our ultimate goal is to make the process inviting and easy to understand, so users of any level can create a successful campaign with ease.

With the success of AdRoll's easy to use Ad Dashboard and Campaign Creator the company gained enormous popularity and brand recognition. When Facebook launched their ad platform, AdRoll became one of first third party resellers with access to Facebook's programatic ads API.

To support this new line of ad products I designed a new Facebook ad creator (below) that allowed users to preview and edit multiple ads.

Easily create ads by adding multiple images of your ads at one time.

The Facebook Ad Creator provide a pixel perfect preview of the ads you were creating.

The description editor made it easy to apply the same copy to all of your ads while alerting users of the characters remaining.

User could resize and crop images to create the perfect look for their ads.


To match its vibrant company culture and values, AdRoll required an inviting website that reflects the energy and excitement of its team. We made generous use of white space to create an open and welcoming feel for the brand. To inject energy and vibrancy into the pages, we incorporated AdRoll's primary blue color as an accent throughout the design.

Clickable Demo of AdRoll Dashboard

For a better experience, expand the demo to full screen and click around on the top navigation buttons (including account profile)