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CEO & Founder

Product Design

Website Design

Graphic Design

User Experience

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Payment Integration




JAN 2011 – JAN 2012

I founded my first startup, GoalStacker, in 2011. The company offered a collaborative project and task management app with a focus on efficient time management. As the sole founder, developer, designer, and marketer of GoalStacker, I took on a variety of responsibilities. This included completing all the frontend and backend development tasks, managing the database, implementing robust security measures, and handling payment processing. I also managed all the design work and marketing for the project.

GoalStacker was available as a Chrome App and to give it more of a native application feel. The application also used websockets to transmit realtime data to all instances of the browser.

Website & Branding

GoalStacker’s website was crafted with a minimalist approach, featuring a sleek and pleasant design. While its primary objective is to showcase the features and benefits of the task management tool, it also aims to provide an overall enjoyable user experience. The website is optimized to work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices, making it accessible to its users anytime and anywhere. GoalStacker’s website was designed to be simple, clean, and inviting. As with most task managers, showcasing the product and features are the primary goal. The website worked well on desktop and mobile.

Today List Email

User have the option of receiving an email each day with their list of todos.

Project Invites

Users receive an email when they are invited to a new project.